Maya – Quick Select Sets

Hi There,

This is a great feature in Maya. You can create Quick Select Sets from every type of objects and components as well.

This is super useful if you create some objects with different materials on different faces. Than you duplicate those some times. (Maybe there are 1000 objects and each have 3000 polygons with three different materials – random assigned.)

After that you realize, “Hey, I want to replace a material but only within a few specific object.” This is not a trivial scenario.

I’m sure there are multiple ways to do this,
this is my solution:

— Create a Quick Selection Set from the original faces with that specific material:

  • Hypershade->right click on material->Select Objects with Material (this selects all faces with that Material on every Objects)
  • Create->Sets->Quick Select Set…
  • The tricky part: Now you have to remove the unnecessary components from the Set. Bring up the Hypergraph:Connection Editor->graph the selection set->delete the connections which you do not need. (This is easy if you rename your objects nicely.)

— Assign the new material to the Quick Select Set:

  • Right click on the Set->Select Set Members
  • Assign the material

Now you happy.


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