Arnold, Double Sided Shader (Arnold 4)

Hi There,

First of all this written for Arnold 4 before Solid Angle came up with the aiTwoSided shader. After that this is not necessary – just use the aiTwoSided.

Yes, there are some information in the Arnold user guide on how to create one.
Except those are for one shader with two different colors on each side.

A double sided shader is useful to create realistic leaves, and other thin objects.

This is one way to create a double sided shader for Arnold.

  1. Create two aiStandard shaders.
    Name the first as front_shader and the second as back_shader.
  2. Create a samplerInfo node and a condition node.
  3. Connect the Flipped Normal (samplerInfo node) to First Term (condition node).
    Set the Second Term to 1. Set Operation to Equal.
  4. Connect the front_shader’s Message to Color If False (condition node), back_shader’s Message to Color If True (condition node).
  5. Create a surfaceShader.
  6. Connect the condition node’s Out Color to the surfaceShader’s Out Color.
  7. Assign the surfaceShader to an object.

Screenshot 2016-08-12 23.58.23

Cheers, D

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