Beyond the aiStandard shader (Arnold)

Hi there,

Realism, easy to control, fast. These are the things you would typically expect from shaders (not necessarily in that order 🙂 ). So here are some of them:

ALSHADERS: Anders Langlands’s shader pack.
Great Shaders, procedural textures, utility nodes and it is FREE. Amazing.

Especially good for coated materials and metals.
I’d like to emphasize one feature: Light Group support!

How to install:

  • Download, Extract it to a folder, rename it (optional)
  • You need to create three Environment Variables (System variable):screenshot-2016-10-29-11-23-52ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH variable to include {ALSHADERS_INSTALL}/bin
    MTOA_TEMPLATES_PATH variable to include {ALSHADERS_INSTALL}/ae

In my case the first variable is:
Variable Value: D:\Shaders\alShaders\bin
the second is:
Variable Value: D:\Shaders\alShaders\ae
the third is:
Variable Value: D:\Shaders\alShaders\aexml

  • Start Maya

The second is a really specific shader, and it is great.

 JF Nested Dielectric. Jonah Friedman’s shader. Also free. And it tackles the most tedious scenario easily.

For example: Ice in a beverage in a glass or water drops on a glass or a liquid simulation in a glass.

How to Install:

  • Download, unpack
  • Copy the .dll (jf-nested-dielectric-master\binaries\v1.0.5\win64\arnold_4.1) and the .mtd (jf-nested-dielectric-master\source\mtoa) files to: C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2017\shaders
  • Copy the .py (jf-nested-dielectric-master\source\mtoa) file to: C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2017\scripts\mtoa\ui\templates
  • Start Maya


If you have a really bright light source you’ll get fireflies:

  • Turn on Clamping (Set the Max Value around 2).

Cheers, D

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