Albedo/Metallic workflow to Arnold

Hi There,

Here it is. The new conversion tree for Maya 2017 and Arnold. 
Easier to use (thanks for Arnold’s better integration with Maya).

Download here.

File’s Content:

  • torus object
  • aiStandard shader with the conversion tree

How to use:

First of all, update you Substance Plug-in.
Don’t worry it’s free.

Version 1 (if you have textures already)

  1. Import the file into your scene
  2. Assign the material to an object (rename it if you like)
  3. Load the textures
  4. Render

Version 2
(with a Substance file)

  1. Import the file into your scene
  2. Assign the material to an object (rename it if you like)
  3. Create a Substance node
  4. Load a Substance (.sbsar)
  5. Generate the textures via the Substance
  6. Connect the place2dTexture node to every Substance texture as well (delete the other place2dTexture node)
  7. Connect the corresponding Substance textures to the file nodes
    (Out Image attribute to File Texture Name attribute)
    Tip: Drag with Ctrl + MMB, release between the thumbnail and the Solo button -> the Connection Editor pops up
  8. Set all file node’s Color Space attribute correctly!
    sRGB: Base Color (aka Albedo)
    Raw: Roughness, Metallic, Normal
  9. Set the Alpha is Luminance where necessary (if Out Alpha is used as output)
  10. Render

Some aditional info about Normal maps and the bump2d node:
I turned off the default Flip R Channel and Flip G Channel option at the Arnold section.
With that the results are usually correct. If not change those.

Cheers, D

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