Displacement and obj export from ZBrush (update)

Well, this is not as complicated as you maybe think.

What you need:

  • An object with multiple subdivision (and of course sculpted details)
  • UV for the object

This is how you do it:

  • Go to Zplugin -> Multi Map Exporter
  • Turn on Displacement
  • Turn on Export Mesh
  • Set the Map Size
  • Make sure FlipV is tured on
  • Go to Export Options -> Displacement Map
  • Turn on: Adaptive, 3 Channels, 32Bit, exr
    Mid: 0 or 0.5
    (in Maya you can use both)
    In this case you don’t need to adjust any other attribute. So leave the Scale:1, Intensity:0, 16Bit scale off, also you don’t need the Get Scale feature.
  • Mesh Export settings:
    Turn on Quad, Mrg, Grp
    Quad and Merge are super important! (After the export check the UVs are merged, if not, run a Merge UVs command in Maya.)
    Turn off Tri and Flp
  • You can save this presets with the Load/Save Presets button
  • Click the Create All Maps button
  • Done

In Maya:

  • After you connected the texture through a Displacement shader check the Alpha is Luminance (File node) is turned on.
  • Set the Alpha Offset to -0.5 if you previously set the Mid value to 0.5 in ZBrush.
  • Set Color Space to Raw. 
  • Of course you have to set a subdivision level in the Mesh node, Arnold Section, Type: catclark and Iterations.

Cheers, D


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