Texturing Fur and Hair (XGen Interactive Groom and Arnold)

This is a short guide how to use textures with Maya’s new Interactive Grooming system.
Super easy. 🙂

  • First you need some hair or fur of course
    • Change the Workspace to XGen – Interactive Groom
    • Select a mesh or some polygon
    • Add a description to it (Create -> Interactive Groom Spline -> Click Create)
    • Adjust the basic attributes in the main (xgmSplineDescription, xgmSplineBase and xgmModifierScale) nodes
    • Use the brushes to create a nice hair/fur (XGen shelf)
  • Replace the default hair shader to an aiHair or alHair (http://www.anderslanglands.com) shader
    • Select the Description in the Outliner
    • Assign the new shader
  • Paint a texture in Maya or some other software (for example with Substance Painter 🙂 )
  • Connect the texture to the shader
    • aiHair: to Root Color and to Tip Color
      • In the UVs section set the U and V parameters:
        U Param: uparamcoord
        V Param: vparamcoord
        You have to set this manualy
    • alHair: to Dye color
      • In the Advanced section:
        U Param: uparamcoord
        V Param: vparamcoord
        In theory this is already there by default 🙂
        Notice: not all Maya procedural texture is supported by the alHair shader

That’s all

The head modell is the well known 3d scan by Infinite-Realities (Lee Perry Smith).

Cheers, D

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