ZBrush exported .ma and .fbx files in Maya

You may noticed when you import a ZBrush exported .ma or .fbx file the Smooth Mesh Preview is turned on by default in Maya for that mesh.
That’s not a big problem if you have small or medium resolution meshes, but in many cases this is not “required”. 🙂

Solution for .ma files:

  • Open the .ma file in a text editor
  • Find this line:
    setAttr ".dsm" 2; //Smooth Preview
  • Change the value from 2 to 0
  • Save

Solution for ascii .fbx files:

  • Open the .fbx file in a text editor
  • Find this line:
    Smoothness: 3
  • Change the value from 3 to 0
  • Save

Solution for binary .fbx files:

  • Open the binary .fbx file in a hex editor
  • Find the Smoothness (Hexadecimal code: 53 6d 6f 6f 74 68 6e 65 73 73 after that: 49 03) part and change the value from 03 to 00
  • Save

This way you can import files without automatically activating the Smooth Mesh Preview in Maya.

Cheers, D

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