Light Groups in Arnold 5 (updated)

We have light group AOVs (for Surface shaders) in Arnold 5.
Super easy to use.

This is how you do it:

  1. Create some custom light AOVs (Render Settings -> AOVs -> Add Custom)
    Screenshot 2017-04-26 12.43.42
  2. Name it like this:
    Use the RGBA_ prefix (or any other built in AOV type like: diffuse_direct_ , sss_indirect_ or anything from the Available AOVs list) and add some custom name to it. This is super important!
    For example: RGBA_lightgrp1, the second one: RGBA_lightgrp2
  3. Select a light and add to a specific light group:
    In the AOV Light Group section -> type in the name of light group without the RGBA_ part. For example: lightgrp2
    Screenshot 2017-04-26 12.44.18
  4. Do that for every light you have.
    You can add multiple lights to a light group of course.

That’s it.

By the way, I found that the “maximum of 8 different light AOVs are supported” is not true. 🙂 You can use more than 8. Maybe Solid Angle not updated the entire documentation yet.
The light groups in Nuke:
Screenshot 2017-04-26 13.46.29

Cheers, D


    • Hi Jakob,
      Good question. Yes, it is possible.
      You can change the RGBA_ prefix to any other AOV type, like:
      and so on.
      For example:
      Cheers, D

  1. Thanks for that! Bit confused by the SA documentation, but now I can stop banging my head on the desk.

    On the way I found that when I made a custom aov and then renamed it in the render settings, the original name remained in the Outliner, but Arnold will ignore this in favour of the new ‘user’ one

  2. Jakob,

    A big thanks! You helped me figure out the light AOVs. The SA documentation is a bit thin.
    Great site.


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