Iray and Maya | Texturing with Substance Painter

Hi There,

I tried the new Iray for Maya plug-in. Well new because it’s a new release, and yes there are some new very welcomed features, but the old problems (for me at least) are still there. The all new website:

Here is a guide to Iray to render identical images (compare to Substance Painter) in Maya. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as it should, because of the limited Iray integration.
This is one solution, I tried to do this as simple as possible.

Substance Painter export settings

The PBR MetalRough is almost perfect. You just need to change the Normal map type to OpenGL.


  • Assign an ifmMDLMaterial to your geometry
  • Change the type to physically_metallic_roughness
  • Now you can connect the textures

Connections and additional nodes

  • Base Color: You can connect directly into Base Color/Diffuse
  • Metallic: You have to use a Float Correction node with gamma 2.2 than connect to the Metallic slot.
  • Normal: You have to create an ifmNormalMapping node, it automatically creates a Gamma node (with 2.2) as well. Connect the File node into the Gamma node, than the ifmNormalMapping node into the Normal slot.
  • Roughness: You have to use a Float Correction node with gamma 2.2 than connect to the Roughness slot.

Cheers, D

Screenshot 2018-02-25 17.23.02Screenshot 2018-02-25 17.19.13

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  1. Hi Denes, did you manage to create the MDL with the normal node ? Im stuck with the same problem here !

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