Maya Tips – part 1

This will be a long series. Cheers, D

1. Since Maya 2017 Update 3 we have a nice additional scripting feature called DASH.

An example (randomizing positions in X and Z):

  • Select more than one object
  • Highlight (select) some attributes in the Channel Box (maybe Translate X and Z)
  • ALT+RMB (on the selected channels)
  • Type: rand(-500,500)

More info about DASH from Ian Waters:
Maya Help page about DASH

2. You can change the decimal precision in the Channel Box

Channel Box -> Edit -> Settings -> Change Precision.

3. Displacement Preview in Viewport

If you using a displacement shader (connected to the shadingEngine node) just press ALT+3. (This works with Arnold, Redshift and the standard Maya shaders as well.)

4. You can set a default scene to start with

Go  to File -> New Scene – Option Box -> turn on Enable Default Scene, Select a previously saved scene file.

5. To undo camera movement with “z” (or Ctrl+z)

Select the camera. Turn on Undoable Movements in Attribute Editor -> Movement Options section.


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