Maya Tips – part 2

6. You can move the Selection Box

  • Start drawing the selection box
  • Than hold down the ALT key

7. A simple trick to get Cell like topology

  • Select a mesh than Reduce it (Mesh -> Reduce) set Keep Quads to 0.
    Of course you can change any settings afterwards.
  • Select all vertices. Go to Chamfer (width: 0.25)

You may want to continue with this:

  • Extrude on all faces. Use the Offset and turn off the Keep Faces Together option.
  • Delete all new faces (press Delete)
  • Extrude all faces (try with Local Translate Z)
  • You can subdivide the result in render time.

Tips: If you have a low res model try to Sooth it (organic and smooth surfaces) or use the the Add Divisions command before the process above.

8. You can run more than one Maya application at the same time.

Try the usual Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v commands 🙂

9. Hypershade tips

  • Default connection between nodes: Drag and drop with Ctrl+MMB (release on the nodes header part – between the preview icon and the Solo button)
  • Use one place2dTexture node for one texture set
  • Connection Editor: Drag and drop with Shift+MMB
  • You can duplicate a full shading network: Select the Shading Engine node (SG) than go to Edit -> Duplicate -> Shading Network
  • You can export the selected Shading Networks or materials without any objects selected. This way you can create your own library with textures and such.
    In the Hypershade Editor-> File ->Export Selected Network
  • In the editor you have a few useful keyboard shortcuts to change the appearance of the nodes. If you have no selected nodes this changes all.
    press “1”: reduced view
    press “2”: shows only the connected attributes
    press “3”: full view (not entirely true)
    press “4”: custom view (you can edit this node by node: select a node -> hold down RMB -> Edit Custom Attribute List)
    press “5”: to cycle the name of the nodes (file Texture Name, node type, hide names)
    To really get all the attributes: select a node -> hold down RMB -> Show All Attributes
  • You can filter the displayed attributes inside a node:
    Switch to All Attributes (described above) and use the search field inside the node
    You can bring up the search field anytime by clicking the the search button on the icon bar.

Cheers, D

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