Send Geometry from Maya to Painter

There is a great tool to send geometry from Maya to Substance Painter, written by Victor Kam
You can download it from the Allegorithmic forum:…
(the maya2painter.7z file)

Also I have a duplicated, modified version of it for UDIM. This is how you can do it:

  • Duplicate the original plug-in folder
  • Rename it (for example: maya2painterUDIM)
  • open the import.qml file with a text editor
    Add this code to the end of the two alg.project.create line:
    for example in my case (I changed the path):
    original line: alg.project.create(“file:///d:/temp/exported.fbx”)
    new line: alg.project.create("file:///d:/temp/exported.fbx",[],[],{splitMaterialsByUDIM:true})
  • Save the file
  • Create two new icon for the UDIM version.

Cheers, D

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