Identical Tiling in Maya and Substance Painter

The two software using different texture tiling method. But of course you can get identical results.
You need this when you want to paint/generate only the masks in Painter and using its viewport as a preview for the actual shader network in Maya.

  • Set the tiling (UV Scale) as you feel right in Substance Painter (use odd or even numbers).
  • If you have an odd number in Painter you don’t have to do anything special. Set the same number in Maya (repeat U, repeat V).
  • If you have an even number in Painter you have to change the U and V offset value to 0.5 in Maya.
  • That’s all. 🙂

You can do this the other way as well but it’s not as precise and really inconvenient:

  • Again in case of an odd number you just have to use the same number.
  • In case of an even number:
    Set the same (which you used in Maya) repeat in Painter.
    Than you need to correct the UV Offset in Painter to get identical (almost – because in Painter you have only four decimal precision) results.
    OP = 1/(2*RM)
    OP: UV Offset in Painter, RM: Repeat U and V in Maya

Cheers, D

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