The UDIM, the Tri-Planar and “one” Normalized Position map

Create seamless textures across UDIMs in Substance Painter.

  1. Of course you change the projection type for the used textures to tri-planar.
  2. Usually you instantiate a layer group across the different UDIMs (texture sets).
  3. You have to re-link the anchor points.

In theory that’s it, but you can find that there are some pretty obvious and ugly seams left. Probably those seams existing because you’re using some position map related feature inside a mask generator (for example inside a Mask Editor).

The solution is really simple: inside the Position baker parameters change the Normalization Scale to Full Scene for every Texture Set (set one and click Apply to all) and re-bake all position maps.
Screenshot 2018-12-01 11.59.06
You can check the results. Switch to Position map inside the viewport. You’ll see “one” really nice seamless texture.

This way you can create really nice dirt or other material layers across UDIMs (multiple texture sets).

Cheers, D

Oh… one more thing: usually you don’t want to see curvature values around UV seams. so turn off the Enable Seams feature and re-bake all Curvature maps as well.

One comment

  1. Omg! Thank you, was about to give up on this as I tried using position maps even in Designer and it treated UDIMS as separate objects, and hence was getting seams all over. Been a Mari user for a while and so far loving Designer/Painter.. Hopefully they get painting across udims soon

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