Substance plug-in for Maya 2019

Great news,
The latest Substance plug-in ( is debuted in Maya 2019 and it works really well.
(Soon this will be released for the older Maya versions as well.)

I put together a simple example to see how can you use it.
(Mixing two Substance material based on their height map differences):

  • The two main aiStandardSurface shader are mixed via a aiMixShader.
  • For the mask I used a floatLogic node combined with a floatCondition node.
    The base was the two height map – generated in exr format :).
  • For the dispalcement I used the bult-in aiLayerFloat node to get correct results.
  • The whole shader tree:

screenshot 2019-01-23 16.22.55

The rendered image:

Best place to get Substance materials/files is the Substance Source site of course.

If you’re never used the pug-in before I recommend you to go to the official Substance channel (Substance in Maya playlist).

Cheers, D

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