Retopology and Remesh in Maya

Since Maya 2018 we have two new (long awaited) tool to automatically modify topology.
One for retopology and one for remesh. 🙂

  • For retopo select an object and use this command (MEL): polyRetopo;
    Ideal for hard surface modeling and for boolean results.
    It generates quads and nicely holds all hard edges.
    If you get an error message like this:
    // Warning: Can’t perform polyRetopo3 on selection //
    first try to change some attributes (Geodesic Radius, Curve Singularity Radius etc.) you may find a good value to get a correct result.
  • For remesh select an object use this command (MEL): polyRemesh;
    Results are triangles, nicely holds all hard edges. It’s pretty fast.
    An example for the Reduce Threshold attribute:
    Screenshot 2019-02-18 22.27.19

If you want to keep the symmetry convert those edges to hard edges.

Maya usually is pretty sensitive about topology – in both cases you need a fairly nice one.
Check the script editor for error messages!

Cheers, D

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