Ed Whetstone’s Kludge City with Arnold

The coolest MEL script based tool ever is the Kludge City tool from Ed Whetstone.
I successfully modified that so now it can be used with Arnold.

Of course all credits goes to mister Ed Whetstone. Thank you for your help.

The changes:

  • Now it generates aiStandardSurface shaders
  • The Nightscape option is available
  • Removed a few old Maya flags

Make sure your mtoa plug-in turned on.
Works with every Maya version if you have installed Arnold 5.

That’s it.
Later I will tweek a few things.

How to use it:

  • Copy the two files into your script folder.
    Something like this: Documents\maya\2019\scripts
  • Restart Maya than use the
    command to start. 🙂

Download here

Cheers, D


  1. Hi, I’m using only V-Ray, not Arnold. Only the first floor is created.This is very necessary for me. Is there any way? thank you

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