Houdini to Maya | export a better structured alembic file

Usually, Maya needs a better-structured alembic file. This is one way to do that.
It allows you to get correctly structured groups, transform nodes and shape nodes in Maya.
It’s really useful for exporting multiple curves or objects as one alembic file with the “Maya like” hierarchy:

  • Create a connectivity node and switch to Primitive type (you can use the default class attribute name). Now you have a number for each connected primitive.
  • Create a primitive wrangle node and use a simple code to define the Maya like hierarchy:
    s@path = 'wireGRP/wireGEO' + itoa(i@class) + '/wireGEOShape' + itoa(i@class) ;
    Now you have a path attribute for each connected primitive. You can check that in the Geometry Spreadsheet.
  • Use a ROP Alembic Output node to export the abc file.
    Turn on the Build Hierarchy From Attribute (path) option!

The first part will be the name of the group (in this case wireGRP), after the first “/” you have the name of the transform node (aka the name of the object – for example wireGEO5), after the second “/” you have the name of the shape node (for example wireGEOShape5).
This is the default naming pattern in Maya.

Of course, you can modify this however you like it, just remember:
in Maya you can’t start a name with special characters or numbers and every name should be different at the same hierarchy level (in practice: at all hierarchy levels).

Cheers, D


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