Quick Fixes for Quixel Bridge to Maya Shader Generator Script for Arnold (update)

If you tried to use the Quixel Bridge to Maya export feature you probably recognized it’s not working correctly (a missing Displacement shader, a strange aiRange node to modulate the roughness – which is not doing anything by default, and a few other things).

A quick fix for those issues:

  • Close Maya
  • Download the modified version and replace the MS_Importer.py script (the path is something like this: ~\Megascans\Library\support\plugins\maya\4.0\MSLiveLink\)
  • Start Maya, start the listener, use the Exporter in Bridge.

Now you’ll get correct displacement and shader connections.
I changed a few additional things (update).
Some displacement texture intensity is not necessarily in the correct value range and the middle value (the “non displacing” value) can be incorrect as well. You might have to change the displacement scale (displacement shader) and the alpha offset (file node) values to get correct results.

For example (check the displacement scale and alpha offset values):

Sometimes the displacement texture is not “Maya friendly”, always check the exr files in an image editor.

Also I did not fixed the unnecessary file node generation problem (so you’ll get “Gloss” and Specular map file nodes as well, if you download those as well.) You can easily fix that if you just delete the redundant file types at line 60 and 61 in the MS_Importer.py script.

Cheers, D

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