Intersection Detector with Paint Effects in Maya

Paint Effects is still one of the best tools in Maya. A friend of my colleague suggested this really nice method to visualize geometry intersections (intersection between objects and self-intersection as well).

I just put together a simple script for doing this a little bit easier: pfxIntersectionDetector
It’s not Houdini, but it can be really useful if you modeling objects for simulation in Maya.

How to use it:

  • Select an object or objects
  • Run the script
  • There is a Line With and the a Self Intersection attribute on the generated pfxToon transform node for easier adjustments.

note: This could be very slow if you use it on high-resolution objects and you have a lot of intersection.


  1. Hi ddankhazi,

    I’d like to know can we use this script in commrical project ? this will really help me to reduce production re-render

  2. This is just a simple automation for what you can do anyway in Maya via Paint Effects.
    Native Maya stuff.
    So yes, you can use it.

    Just don’t sell the script. That would be uncool.

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