Clarisse iFX project template (version 1.01)

Hi Clarisse Users,

I created a nicely organised Clarisse iFX project template file.

The scene context:

  • secenView_GRP: this is a group node to store all the important context (Geo, Light, camera, MatteObjects, Volume, BG)
  • Geo: put all your geo like stuff here you wish to see in the render (objects, combiners, scatters etc.)
  • Light: all your light goes here
  • BG: put the BG objects here
  • Volume: volume like objects goes here (a volume box is already there but disabled)
  • MatteObjects: for objects you want to use as matte
  • camera: context for cameras
  • raytracers
  • material: put your general purpose materials here.
  • renderImage: the context for the three basic render image
  • Import: use this to store all the imported assets (use separate subfolders) and its shaders and textures (usually you want to put those imported objects into combiners and than use those directly in the Geo folder).
  • Megascans: the context for the megascans assets (the official script always try to use this context, that’s why!)
  • Helpers: use this to store all the non-rendered objects here.
    For example: constraint helpers, base objects for scatters, scatters for combiners, objects for volume conversion etc. Everything witch is not rendered directly.
  • volumeGroups: context for the already set volume group
  • mainGroups: context for the already set main groups

Inside the folders there are a few, already connected and prepared node (scene object):

  • A default Advanced Perspective Camera: basicCamera
  • Two raytracers: basicRaytracer and volumeRaytracer
  • A few basic materials: basicSH, basicStandardSH, basicVolumeSH, matte
  • Render Images: main_R_Image, volume_R_Image, BG_R_Image
  • A few groups to use the organised folders: geometryGroup, lightGroup, matteGroup plus the volumeGroup.
    Those groups are automatically store all the stuff you put in the corresponding folders (contexts).
  • All 3d layers are using (via an expression) the main_R_Image->mainLayer’s camera value.
    You have switch the camera in that particular layer only.

All of those are already connected to the respective render layers.

How to use it:

Put everything into its context. Render. 🙂


  • This structure is really useful for medium or high complexity scenes.
  • Of course you can use more subfolders in each folder.
  • The basic AOVs are already set.
  • You can easily change the quality at each render image at the top of the Image View window (at 100% it’s production quality for still images). Of course you can use different methods to optimize the render. By default I set to 10%.
  • Before you start to assemble the scene pick an HDR image for the IBL (scene/Light/ibl_tx node) The IBL is disabled by default.
  • Also pick a BG image (scene/BG/bg_tx). The BG sphere is disabled by default.
  • The distance Unit is set to cm for compatibility.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to comment.

Cheers, D

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