Houdini to Maya part2: Scatter Points via Houdini Engine/MASH (update)

There is a simple way to use Houdini generated scatter points in Maya, via Houdini Engine and Maya’s MASH.

Houdini part:

  • Generate scatter points for example with with the scatter node.
  • You can merge the result with your existing geo (you can transfer only one output node via Houdini Engine, but that can be a complex one).
  • Generate the .hda or .hdalc as usually.

Maya part:

  • Load the .hda or .hdalc tool inside Maya.
  • You’ll get a geo, an nParticle output and a nucleus node. (The nucleus node actually not necessary if you don’t want to simulate anything, you can delete it.)
  • Create a MASH network using the Instancer node.


There is already a simple, one-click command to set and connect the MASH network to the nParticle input.
In the Animation menu set:
MASH -> Utilities -> Use nParticles to distribute MASH points
So you don’t have to do this manually.

Original post content:

  • Set the Distribution Type to inPositionPP (MASH_Distribute node).
  • Open the Node Editor and connect the nParticleShape node Position output to MASH_Distribute node’s In Position PP input.
  • After that you can use all the usual MASH nodes (Random – to randomize rotation, Offset etc.)

That’s it.

Cheers, D


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