Randomized Texture Variations in Maya/Arnold (the simple way)

A super useful node in Arnold is the aiColorJitter node.
You can utilize this for example to create object id based texture randomization in shaders.

  • Drag and drop your texture files in the Hypershade
  • Create an aiSwitch node and connect the File nodes as inputs
  • Create an aiColorJitter node
    Set the Type to Object
    Set the Input Color to black (0,0,0)
    Set the Gain Max to the number of inputs (max ID + 1) minus a little number (for example 6 – 0.001 = 5.999)
    Connect the Out Color R into the aiSwitch node as Index
  • Connect the aiSwitch Out Color into the shader.


An example with the parallax OSL shader.


  • You can use this method with MASH network generated instances of course
  • Of course it works with OSL shaders as well (which using custom file name inputs).
    For example:
    File node/File Texture Name -> aiOSLShader/Filename (a custom input) -> aiOSLShader/Out Value -> aiSwitch/Input # -> aiSwitch/Out Color -> aiStandardShader/Emission Color
  • The aiSwitch node can utilize 20 different inputs.

Cheers, D

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