Quixel Bridge fix for Maya/Redshift

This is my modified version of the original (Quixel/Epic Megascans) Renderers.py script for Maya/Redshift users.

Replace the Redshift part with this one in the original Renderers.py file (Line 11-252).
The path should be something like this: Megascans\Library\support\plugins\maya\6.6\MSLiveLink\Megascans.

I used the 6.6 version as a base.


  • Subdiv default values are changed:
    For 3D objects it’s not adaptive anymore, so you can instance and scatter the asset without loosing the subdivs.
    Plus some other tweaks.
  • The Redshift Displacement node is replaced with Maya’s native Displacement node.
    This way you’ll get back the displace preview feature (ALT+3), so you can tweak the Alpha Offset value and the Scale (Displacement node) to get correct displace.
    Off course you have to “fix” the displacement exr texture as always (by default the data is stored in the R channel, copy that to the full RGB layer and merge it, usually this helps to fix the texture, sometimes you have to correct the gamma as well: exposure node and set to 0.454).
  • Smooth mesh preview level is set to 1 for quicker displace preview (render part is turned off, you don’t want to mess with it, use the Redshift part to control it)
  • Normal map Intensity is 0 (except for 3D plants).
    Using the AutoBump only the results will be much nicer, more detailed and also correct.
    The Normal map connection is still there, if you need (for example you don’t want to subdivide and displace the geo).
  • The 3D Plants shader is changed a lot, simpler and better (much more correct) looking.
    Also now it’s using the Sprite node (way more efficient).
    Subdiv and displace are turned off by default for plants.
  • AO + layered textures are deleted.
  • And a few other things.

Cheers, D


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