Quixel Bridge fix for Houdini/Redshift (Update)

Update for the latest Redshift version.
Tested with Houdini 19.0.455 and Redshift v 3.0.63

I just realized there were some changes in the redshift TextureSampler parameters naming convention.
I updated the Redshift.py file.
Download here.

I also added an expression to the Displacement node’s New Range Max parameter (you can do Displacement offsets this way) for better control.

Cheers, D

Original post:

Here it is.
The Quixel Bridge fix for Houdini/Redshift.
For Houdini, I changed the 3D Asset, the 3D Plants and the Surfaces part.

How to use it:

  • Install the latest update (4.5) for Houdini in Quixel Bridge
    The plugin path is something like this: Megascans\Library\support\plugins\houdini\4.5\MSLiveLink\scripts\python\MSPlugin
  • Download the files and replace the original ones: download
    • ImportSurface.py goes to the AssetImporters folder
    • Import3D.py goes to the AssetImporters folder
    • ImportPlant.py goes to the AssetImporters folder
    • Redshift.py goes to the MaterialsSetup folder
  • The changes are significant
    • Subdiv settings
    • Shader settings
    • and most importantly Color Management settings for the RS Texture nodes
      Without this you can’t render correctly anything.
      Now the colors are using sRGB and everything else is linear as it should be.
  • You still have to fix the Displacement EXR textures thou.
    • Open in Photoshop (for example)
    • You’ll see there is data only in the red channel
    • Copy that as an the RGB layer and merge (Ctrl+E)
    • Sometimes you still have to linearize the data, use the exposure adjustment layer with gamma 0.454

Cheers, D

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