ACEScg in Maya 2022

Actually Maya 2022.2 (and above), because there was a few changes in the OCIO config file and a few additional features are also added to Maya.

The biggest change (through the config.ocio) file is now you can use an ACEScg based non-tone-mapped (sRGB) view transform. Which is a nice addition for those who don’t want to use the default tone-mapped version (the rendering space of course is still ACEScg, so the view transform expecting that).

In Maya 2022 the new and default color management settings are almost perfect (in most and general cases), but you still need a few tweaks to get the correct results.

Because the default Rendering space is now ACEScg, Autodesk choosed a simple and easy to use naming convention for it’s own config.ocio file and color transform files.
The naming convention actually is not correct (strictly), but at least easier to use for every artist.
Similar color space names but different “content”, basically you have to apply almost the same conventions as before.

  • For every directly color related, NON-linear and non-ACEScg file you have to use: sRGB
    (in the old method this was the Utility – sRGB – Texture)
    For example: usually tif, png, jpg formats and Color, Albedo, Base Color, SSS Color etc. type textures.
  • For every directly color related, LINEAR and non-ACEScg file you have to use: scene-linear Rec.709-sRGB
    For example: hdri files (hdr, exr) used in skydomes, and textured are lights etc.
  • For every math related data file you have to use: Raw
    For example: Roughness, Metalness, Normal, Bump, Displace etc.
  • If you have ACEScg, linear files, use: ACEScg

You still need to create a few custom CM file rules, but it’s easier to use ACEScg than before.
Don’t forget, the order is matter in the rules priority list!
After you created the rules save with the Export CM Pref button.
My CM rules config, xml file: deafultACES_new.xml

Cheers, D

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