Quixel Bridge to Clarisse 5 and 5.5

Finally, I had the time to modify the Quixel Bridge to Clarisse plug-in.
Tested with Clarisse 5.x, and 5.5 (Angie) as well.

How to use it:


For Clarisse 5/python 3 version users check my previous post as well:
Quixel Bridge vs Clarisse 5/Python 3

What did I change? Well, a lot of things:

  • There is no point to use the old standard shader or the Disney shader.
  • I used the Autodesk Standard Surface, to get more and better control.
  • I changed the attribute connections of course (different attribute names).
  • Displacement offset is now set to -0.5 as always should be, for textures where the non-displacing value is 0.5 gray (you still have to fix the textures of course).
  • Different Displace settings for Surfaces and 3d objects
    (because of the different scale offsets).
    • 3d Assets:
      • front_value: 10
      • bounds: 20
    • Surfaces:
      • front_value: 0.1
      • bounds: 0.2
  • I set the single_channel_file_behavior to 1 (Force Luminance) for every texture_map (this will not change the behavior of the color maps but for compatibility reasons I’ll turned it on).
  • Translucency connections and material settings for 3d Plants.
    • Thin Walled is turned on.
    • Double sided is turned on (for compatibility reasons).
    • The Translucency texture is now connected as SSS Color (with Thin Walled turned on that means Translucency).
  • The Specular Color “nonsense” is now disabled.

I think that’s it.
Cheers, D


    • Id did not change the Bridge itself, just the script which handles the importing and shading part.
      Try to change the download format for the geometry.

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