Quixel Megascans fix for Blender 3.1.x (update)


There was an issue with the script (Cycles render and surface export).
Now (I think) it is fixed. 🙂

Also, I added a few extra nodes, so you can change the texture scale via one Value node per material. Useful for surfaces.

Cheers, D

Original post:


I had a little time to check out the Quixel Megascans tool for Blender.
Well, it’s not working correctly with Blender 3.1.2 (I tested with this version only).
So, I fixed it. Also, I did a few general modifications as well.

Don’t forget, the Megascans library is free for Unreal Engine usage only.

Cheers, D


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the fix !!! Export works but no textures connected after exporting. Just try on “surfaces” and no with “3d assets”. Any idea of the issue ?

    • Sorry. It was my mistake.
      I updated the script.
      Download again please, and try it now.
      It should work.

      Also, I added a few nodes, so now you can change the texture scale via one value node per material.

      • Hey thanks for the reaction time !

        No worries, now it’s good !

        For my knowledge, what is the error ?

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