Retopology in ZBrush

Why you do it?

  • More effective polygon count (you can add more detail)
  • Nice low poly versions
  • Nice topo equals nice(er) UV
  • For animation you always need good edge flow

How you do it?


  1. Select your Sub Tool (if you have multiple)  which you want to retopologize.
  2. Hide everything else. (LMB on the little eye)
  3. Duplicate it.
  4. Go to Geometry->ZRemesher
  5. Set the Target Polygons Count (in thousands)
    Adapt check box means ZBrush try to balance between the target poly count and how closely try to reproduce the features of the object.
    Use the AdaptiveSize slider (0=”exact” poly count, 100=more details).
  6. Use the ZRemesher Guides brush to define edge flow or edge loops.
    Use the Curves Strength slider to set the guides strength.
  7. If you want symmetry, turn on the symmetry feature for your brush (X)
  8. Use the KeepGroup button to maintain your original polygroups.
  9. Click the ZRemesher button (alternatively you can clik with ALT+LMB, this produce a different topology)


Projecting the details:

  1. Hide every Sub Tool which you DON’T want to project to your object.
  2. Add a subdivision to you retopologized geometry.
  3. Make sure your new retopo subtool is the active one.
  4. Go to Sub Tool->Project menu
  5. Click Project All (All visible sub tool are projected to you active sub tool!!!)
  6. Repeat the process:
    – Add subdivision
    – Project All
    Until you are happy with the results. Constantly check your details.

Cheers, D

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