Best new feature in Maya 2017 Update 2

Finally, Maya supports environment map reflections in Viewport 2.0 (without any additional work in Hypershade – Env Ball node and a lot of ramp).
Not perfect, but it’s a good start.
Works well with the aiStandard shader (as well as the Maya standard shaders).

The new features are:

  • Specular Roughness Value -> Blurred reflections
  • IOR Value -> Fresnel modulation
  • f0 Value -> Reflectance at Normal

As far as I can tell You can’t use roughness, IOR and f0 maps (a bug maybe?) and unfortunately the SkyDome Light is a light type object so it doesn’t get the DOF effect. 😦
Still, this is a long-awaited update for Viewport 2.0.

How to use it:

  1. Create an Arnold SkyDome Light
  2. Connect a hdr (lat-long) panoramic image (set the Color Space to Raw)
  3. Turn on the lights in Viewport 2.0

Cheers, D

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