Quixel Bridge for Octane/Maya

I extended my modified Quixel Bridge (Megascans) export/import script with an Octane importer.

Tested with Maya 2023.
The modifications are based on my modified plug-in 6.9 version (Maya plug-in).

Download and replace the original files in your ~\Megascans\Library\support\plugins\maya\6.9\MSLiveLink\Megascans folder.

Download here: https://github.com/ddankhazi/megascans


  • I added a few extra nodes to have better control.
  • You can change the usual UV attributes via the place2dTexture node.

A typical shader graph:

By the way Octane is awesome.

I used the scene-linear Rec.709-sRGB rendering space.
I found that with ACEScg there are some issues with Octane and you need a lot of additional nodes to work properly (also it is not worked as sit should).

Cheers, D

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