Iray 2.0 for Maya

Hi There,

After a week of testing here are my thoughts about new Iray renderer.

  • The CPU+GPU engine is really responsive and fast even on a low-end machine (i7 4790 and GTX 980Ti).
  • The integration with Maya is not that great, but it’s getting better. (The ability to render inhomogeneous volumetrics is on the way, as well as the Cryptomatte support. Currently there is no textured preview in the Viewport.)
  • The new AI driven denosier is great. After a few seconds you’ll get a pretty good approximation how the final image will look like.
  • There are multiple choices to create complex MDL based materials. Maybe at first it could be strange, but really it’s not that complicated.
  • The homogeneous volumetrics rendering is a special one, I’ll write a separate post about that later. 🙂

This particular image is a simple test, using two materials form the MDL library, an IBL as a single light source, caustics turned on in the render settings (one switch, no additional settings are needed). By the way the IBL „remap” feature (Light Burst Threshold, Smoothing and Gain) is awesome.

Cheers, D

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