Expressions in Clarisse iFX

Really nice to have SeExpr in Clarisse. Powerful stuff. 🙂

How to use expressions:

  • Click the Sum (Σ, Sigma) symbol right at the attribute and type the expression.
  • You can “bake” the expression with Ctrl+LMB (on the Sum symbol).
  • You can click the Sum symbol to see the result not the expression itself. (You can do this globally at the top of the Attribute Editor’s Sum sign.)


Easy way to get random rotation with every duplicate (duplicate selected object):
Activate the expression panel by clicking the Σ symbol, then type: rand(0,360)

Create a link to a Render Image/layer’s active camera attribute (relative path – the two render images are at the same hierarchy level: inside the same context):
main_R_Image: nem of the Render Image
mainLayer: name of the layer
active_camera: name of the attribute

Create a link to a Render Image/layer’s active camera attribute (full path):
project://shotMain/renderImage/: is the full path to the Render Image

Link to a float value inside the same object (node):
In this case size[0] means size in X direction

To grab the name of the current object use:

To grab the name of the context use:

Easy to concatenate as well (like in python):
“some_text/” + get_name(get_context()) + “/” + get_name()

Dynamic object search:
Find the first camera inside an alembic (or usd) file:
find_object("target_path/*", "Camera")
The target_path can be relative or absolute as well, the same syntax as in Groups.
Related doc:

Open the Log in Clarisse to get precise attributes and paths (change a value and check the results).

Use the to pop up an Expression Editor window.

You can use Global Variables as well.

For more details check the Clarisse documentation:

A great introduction for Clarisse Expressions:

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