Quixel Bridge vs Clarisse 5/Python 3

Clarisse 5 is Out!

If you want to use the Quixel Bridge with Clarisse 5 (using Python 3), you need to change a few lines in two python files, to run those successfully:

  1. Open the Megascans\Library\support\plugins\clarisse\1.4\MSLiveLink\MS_LiveLinkLauncher.py file and change the two print command line to.
    • in line 48: print ('Error running script')
    • in line 56: print ('Inside clarisse')
  2. Open the Megascans\Library\support\plugins\clarisse\1.4\MSLiveLink\SetupPlugin.py file and change the two print command line to:
    • in line 19: print (log_file_path)
    • in line 413: print ('No type context found')

That’s it.
Cheers, D


  1. Great insight! Any clues how to fire up Clarisse Survival Kit on Python 3? – Also seems to have syntax issues.

  2. maya 2022 works with -python2 added to shortcut but metahumans don’t load correctly, (plugin loading fails). How to fix?

    • It is working for me.
      Do you have Python 3.7 installed?
      Have you started the LiveLinklauncher python script in Clarisse (Megascans/Library/support/plugins/clarisse/1.4/MSLiveLink/MS_LiveLinkLauncher.py)?
      Have you configured the download and export settings correctly in Bridge?
      Have you changed the scripts correctly?

      If you did those correctly it should work.
      Please let me know if it’s still not working correctly for you.
      Cheers, D

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